DIT - Exporting Excellence (UK)

Hailed as “The Event for those looking to export” the Exporting Excellence online conference in October 2020 brought together some of the world’s best minds to help UK businesses realise their commercial ambitions in international markets.


With contributions from leading export organisations including the Department for International Trade and international FDIs, Exporting Excellence offered delegates exclusive access to sector specialists that could help to guide thinking on export strategies specific to their businesses.

Promoting British Creativity With British Meeting and Networking Technology

Members of our team are UK Government Export Ambassadors, and we take an active role in promoting British media solutions and creativity into international markets. 

In 2020, supported by the Department for International Trade, our team launched an online event on our internally developed event and networking platform,  GoDigitalExpo.

We created, customised and optimised DIT’s meeting and networking environment, and ensured that connected British businesses could secure commercial  opportunities and boost network visibility in a natural and efficient manner.


In the mid-pandemic world, companies associated with the DIT knew they must expand their connections, insights and market horizons to survive and thrive. And though insight is incredibly helpful, an actionable export plan was what the Department needed to offer their trading partners. GoDigitalExpo offered the solution.


Exporting Excellence was a virtual event hosted by DIT with the goal to connect British businesses with export ambassadors. On the GoDigitalExpo platform, meetings were managed and delegates networked and created a dynamic and workable export plan.

About GoDigitalExpo

The ‘GoDigitalExpo’ platform is  a digital media hub, meeting platform and network tool - all in one. The system we created for the Department of International Trade was created by a team of British developers, based in the UK’s new tech hub Bournemouth.

DIT’s custom platform was designed to showcase video interviews from industry experts across various sectors, hold interactive Q&A’s, and host 1-to-1 meetings to help businesses develop their export plan. With an automated registration and booking system, attendees and speakers could also manage their own event itineraries.

Results: 80% of attendees rated the event and network experience 5/5. There were 717 total sessions and 60+ hours of viewing sessions.


It was punchy and it was very focused. We had a common aim; how can we learn from each other. We kept on focus, and we kept on time. It was awesome.

PAUL J MOORBY OBE, Chipside ltd

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