Technology that supports interactive hybrid events and virtual meetings has evolved faster in the past 12 months than the industry could have ever imagined.

And, as we continue to push the frontiers of the live event experience still further into the digital domain, this rapid technology evolution is driving unprecedented industry momentum in the online event space.

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Strong demand exists for event technology platforms that deliver superior service capabilities, innovative engagement and networking features combined.

The GoDigitalExpohybrid and virtual event platform meets and exceeds this market need.@2x


The event promotion and marketing features in GoDigitalExpo offer organisers a number of great ways to digitally raise awareness and drive attendance. Automated LinkedIn interactions and downloadable social media packs sent to delegates encourage sharing of event details with personal
and professional contacts. And, GoDigitalExpo’s dedicated marketing and communications team is on hand to create marketing campaigns that
can boost delegate registration and secure target people-flow. ambassadors, guest speakers

and local partners can precision-deliver targeted video and written communications to profiled audiences - boosting event attendance and interaction rates, and creating successful trade mission outcomes.

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GoDigitalExpo’s interactive and collaborative features keep audiences engaged and involved. Delegates build their own itineraries, can connect with speakers and are encouraged to use the delegate matchmaking function - a way to find and connect with speakers and fellow delegates that match your personal or professional profile. Creating a hyper-connected and interactive event environment greatly improves event outcomes and significantly reduces participant event-lag and the dreaded mid-afternoon delegate drop-off.

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Interactive Training & Educational Events

One of the key things that differentiates a virtual event from an enhanced webinar is networking and community-building. Attendee profiling; private and group chat functionality; 1-to-1 meeting scheduling and connection recommendations greatly improve interaction.

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Event technology customers and event managers want live-tested and proven live streaming options and end-to-end encryption and security certifications. GoDigitalExpo offers all of these features and more.

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By creating a fully integrated system that offers key functionality in a single-sign-on environment, the GoDigitalExpo event platform allows users to control measurable marketing, event and post event actions in a live dashboard environment. With action data to hand, system and event optimisation is possible to improve event logistics and visibility.

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Virtual events offer an amazing way to automatically capture, save and assess every piece of data around the event itself. With comprehensive analytics you can spot new trends and gain full visibility of your event’s key performance indicators

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As in-person meetings become an option once more, GoDigitalExpo is designed to host both interactive hybrid and virtual events. The GoDigitalExpo event and digital content hub is designed to do just that. Saving you money for future events, your GoDigitalExpo event space is live and available for you to use….forever.

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