Alive is a global market leader in cross-format corporate events. Proven to be exceptional in their field, they are the go-to event company for clients that want to run large-scale international events on or offline. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Alive came to GoDigitalExpo in search of a bespoke branded event platform that could deliver for their prestigious client-base.


As smart networking is at the heart of every Alive event, GoDigitalExpo worked with the company's management team, creating a custom event solution that offered live broadcasts from C-Suite executives, hosted and delivered pre-recorded content and facilities workshops over a one week period in Jan 2021, and (most importantly) offered advanced networking and connection functionality - intelligently connecting speakers and delegates based on gestured interests and preferences.

GoDigitalExpo delivered what they needed, and by facilitating enhanced networking functionality we exponentially boosted the conference's Leadership event connection capacity, and brought remote teams together in a new and exciting way.

"Having a tech team on hand that understands events felt like a true extension of our team. We have used a lot of virtual platforms and this one has really stood out and connected ...with us"

Krystina Wood, Event director
Alive Communications

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